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How to write a lot of text in time

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I used to write solely on my own accord, which made the blog posts irregular: from one per month to ten per week. Over time, it became clear to me that regularity of blog posts is important first of all. And then there was a catch: there were days and even months when writing texts was given tightly. Crazy tight. I'd open a text editor and do anything but write text.So how do you make yourself write two thousand characters on time?

Take the time to work exclusively on the text

The trick is that you have a strict schedule. Let's say you promise to sit in front of your monitor from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. without any distractions. Two hours, in my opinion, the optimum amount of time can be reduced to an hour. The main thing is not to shorten or exceed the chosen time. The first week will be very hard. You'll want to listen to music, drink coffee, read the news - anything to avoid typing. Justifying idleness by the fact that this way you will help yourself, you will only do yourself harm, because the essence is that you must have a period of time for one particular case: writing a text. Then it will be easier.

The topic isn't important, you write about anything

This advice is not suitable for freelancers who need to write texts on a strictly defined topic, sorry. But at bloggers it is often the only way to somehow meet deadlines, because the audience is not dozing off! She sits and waits for the post on a certain day or even hour. Just put your hands on the keyboard and type. Think about the headline last, the main thing is to write as many words as possible. Then you can get it in order. Perfectionism and creativity do not always go hand in hand. If you think that you have spent a couple of hours on some nonsense, run through the text, correct errors and publish. Someone will not come in, and someone will be happy. Even Stephen King has the most boring chapters, you're sorry to be human. Optionally, use my lifejack described in the article "An easy way to write a text when there's no inspiration": write about something that bothers you (nervous, annoying, makes you grind your teeth). Sometimes it gives you unexpected results. For example, I only write it because I didn't know what to essay writing services at first and it bothered me. I didn't have a single thought in my head during the evening hours, but I shared my experiences and didn't even seem to have strained much.

An additional rule: assign yourself a reward. I play Skyrim, RimWorld or some other game for at least half an hour after I've successfully written the text. It's a great motivation to work so I can rest and be satisfied with the work I've done.

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